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NI Premium Brands Aktuellt Nyheter från NI Premium Brands Pitstop 2020 är släppt!

Pitstop 2020 är släppt! 

Enfocus uppdaterar marknadsledande verktyg för manuell Pdf kontroll.

We have just released PitStop 2020! This upgrade brings some great new features to your PitStop. We highlight 3 of them below.   


Trace (Raster to vector)   

Tracing is a new action in PitStop that can ‘trace’ a shape and create a path or shape. So, it is now possible to make vectors from raster images. This new feature will be a huge time-saver for wide format printers.      


Check if visual content exists   

By utilizing computer vision, a technology that is used in automated manufacturing and future technologies like self-driving cars, PitStop now allows you to check if defined graphic shapes are present or missing from a PDF. This action can also detect the number of times an object appears. You will save a lot of time as it is no longer needed to open a PDF and manually look for objects   


Overlay PDF   

This brand-new Action allows you to overlay one PDF document over another PDF document. The overlay file (the source) can be pulled from a file path or a variable. With this new action you can merge multi-page PDF’s into one file.

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