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NI Premium Brands Bildskärmar Eizo Grafiska bildskärmar Eizo 27" ColorEdge CS2731 - ColorNavigator
Eizo 27

Eizo 27" ColorEdge CS2731 - ColorNavigator


Eizo 27" ColorEdge CS2731 - ColorNavigator

The CS2731 unites precision, colour fidelity and cutting-edge connectivity thanks to its USB-C port. This makes the monitor the central interface for the graphic workflow of sophisticated creatives with high standards.


Cutting-edge connectivity thanks to USB-C connection
Convenient functionalities such as monitor signal transmission, rapid data transfer and the power supply feature up to 60 W for connected notebooks or tablets are enabled with just one USB-C cable. This makes the monitor the central dock for any graphic workflow. Periphery devices such as a mouse and keyboard, hard disks and card reading devices can be connected directly to the monitor's USB hub. Portable computers can be connected using just one cable, which also allows them to be charged at the same time. This means that a laptop and CS2731 can be transformed into a fully equipped desktop workstation with just a few adjustments. 


Wide gamut - ideal for RAW images and prints
Those working with RAW or Adobe RGB images should look no further than our wide gamut monitor: the wide colour space reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB colour spaces. If pictures taken in RAW format are converted to Adobe RGB, the monitor will display them absolutely correctly. For example, you can see a shining blue sky or lush green forests that are true to nature - unlike monitors with sRGB colour space. The EIZO monitor also offers great benefits when printing: It covers almost the entire CMYK colour space (for example ISO Coated and U.S. Web Coated). You can already see on the screen how your subsequent print result will look, saving yourself proofs. 


Quick operation - even in dark rooms
Operation is easy and clear. The Button Guide, an overview function on the monitor, will show you the respective function keys above the control panel. The backlight keys mean that the monitor can even be used in dark environments. This is particularly helpful in dark post-production studios.  


Ergonomic and stable: the adjustable base
The CS2731 has a flexible base to adjust the height, tilt, and rotation and supports both portrait and landscape use. The monitor can be tailored to the user's needs. For example, he can set a sitting position that is ergonomic for him (e.g. lowered to the bottom) or a position to show clients and colleagues something on the screen. 




  • 27-inch wide gamut LCD with 2560 x 1440 pixels (WQHD) to deliver ultra-sharp details
  • EIZO microchip ensures precise, consistent and lasting colour display
  • Wide gamut covering 99% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut
  • Precise hardware calibration of brightness, white balance and gamma
  • Digital Uniformity Equaliser for top-rate luminance distribution and colour purity
  • Colour precision ensured via 16-bit look-up-table and up to 10-bit colour reproduction
  • USB-C (DisplayPort signal channel and power supply up to 60 W), DisplayPort, DVI-D and HDMI ports
  • USB hub with two USB 3.1 and two USB 2.0 downstream ports
  • ColorNavigator calibration software available for free download
  • Recommended optional accessories: measuring device for hardware calibration and monitor hood



Artikelnummer CS2731
Tillverkare Eizo  » www.eizo.com
Tillv. art. nr.
EAN 4995047054580






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